From Vulture Regional Natural Park, an extra virgin olive oil with a unique flavor ...

Our oil mill has been operating for almost a century in the Municipality of Barile in the province of Potenza, a village of Greek-Albanian origin which, together with other centers in southern Italy, still preserves the Arbëreshë ethno-linguistic traditions. Barile is an integral part of the International Association of the City of Oil and the National Association of the City of Wine and is located in the center of the Vulture Regional Natural Park in an area of ​​extraordinary beauty.

The hills that surround it, having formed following the numerous volcanic eruptions, have particular characteristics that make them perfect for agriculture. They are covered by splendid vineyards and centuries-old olive groves, from which a very high quality olive oil is extracted thanks to the native Ogliarola cultivar but not only.The soil is incredibly fertile, rich in numerous nutrients, such as mineral salts, released with time from the deposited lava and thanks to the debris of the plants that once submerged became fertilizer for the soil.