A quality production for a unique flavor

Our oil is fragrant, slightly fruity and somewhat sweet, with a delicate but at the same time decisive flavor, golden yellow in color with green reflections and therefore suitable for everyone, including the little ones. Our mill produces 2 types of extra virgin olive oil.

NON FILTERED Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The production process of extra virgin olive oil takes place exclusively with mechanical procedures and with cold extraction; this involves obtaining an oil with a dense and full-bodied appearance (typical of freshly produced crude oil). The presence of very small particles of olive makes it not transparent to the eye. If the oil is not filtered, these particles will naturally tend to settle on the bottom of the container where the oil is stored (tank, can, bottle, etc.).

FILTERED Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In our oil mill we prefer to filter the oil by gravity, using a filter. The result is an oil that is decidedly more brilliant and transparent in appearance.

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